Snail farm

Snails are a huge source of protein; low fat and the cholesterol content make them a nutritional favourite. Snails contain a great deal of the amino acids needed by the body and most of its by-products are used for cosmetics and medicines.

As our population becomes more interested in healthier living and low-cholesterol diets, snails will become a popular alternative to all the fatty and unhealthy meats that flood our markets nowadays. They are much cheaper than red meat with greater health benefits as icing on the cake.!

Snails have for a long time been a popular and recurring item on the menus of hotels, restaurants, and bars where they often feature as boiled, fried and spiced kebabs. They are also a fantastic addition to soups and stews which are a significant part of most African dishes.

We have varied species of snails for rearing and for eating. We also supply hutches and formulated feeds for snails.

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