PVA Maize

PVA maize is a special type of maize that is rich in Beta-carotenes. Beta-Carotene is an organic, strongly coloured red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. Beta-carotene is what gives PVA maize an orange colour and is converted to Vitamin A in the body after consumption. PVA maize is in many ways the same as the white, yellow, and other maize types, but the significant difference is that it provides additional nutritional benefits of Vitamin A, which other maize types do not provide.

What are the qualities of PVA maize?

  1. Rich in ProVitamin A (ranges from 8ppm-14ppm)
  2. The varieties are intermediate maturing (100-110 days)
  3. Colour ranges from deep yellow to deep orange
  4. Very good resistance to crop pests and diseases
  5. Grain yields as good as the white maize varieties (The hybrids yield between the range of 6-8 tons/hectare, and the OPV’s can yield 5-8 tons/hectare)
  6. Both hybrids and open-pollinated varieties are released to provide a basket of choices for farmers

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