OFSP Vines

Orange Fleshed Sweet potato vines are in the same family as edible sweet potatoes (Ipomoea batatas).  The vines from this plant make it look more like morning glory or clematis than a member of the potato family. Orange Fleshed Sweet potato is delicious and a delicacy.

Want to plant orange-fleshed sweet potatoes?

We can supply you with OFSP vine cuttings from which you can use in propagation. We have two varieties; Mother’s Delight and Solo Gold.

Mothers Delight is more preferred and highly promoted in Nigeria because it contains high levels of beta-carotene. It can be used for baking cake, snacks and bread. It is stress-free, its cultivation cycle is within three months; it is not a tuber but a root and it does not go deep into the soil like cassava.
While Solo Gold has special characteristics preferred by farmers such as a higher dry matter when compared to Mothers Delight, and a much higher beta carotene content when likened to King J. Also, it’s tolerant to sweet potato weevil and resistant to sweet potato viral disease. It matures in three to four months

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