Our Orange Fleshed sweet potato bread loaf is a classic, moist, and warming pastry that is the perfect cosy snack or breakfast for any day. A slice or two of this bread each day is a delicious way to add healthy grain to your diet. It is often said that a slice of bread eaten is a million times more nourishing than a loaf of bread imagined.

We know that any baker that bakes bread with indifference, is baking a bitter bread that feeds only half of a man’s hunger.  OFSP Bread is the king of all other types of bread. All other types of bread are merely the chiefs that surround the king. Due to the innumerable benefits in OFSP bread…it will always be the king on the shelf and in the pan.

Why OFSP Loaf?

  • 100% Saccharine & Bromate Free
  • 68% Less Sugar than the average adult bread
  •  7.73g of protein per 100g
  • Vitamin A IU 5158.33
  • Fibre 0.21g per 100g
  • Sweet & Buttery


OSFP Puree, wheat flour, sugar, milk, improver, yeast, salt, vegetable oil, preservative ( calcium propionate) and water.

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