Free Range Local Chicken

Making organic food products available and accessible to consumers is important to us. At Farm Organics, we have an extensive amount of organically raised free-range chickens. We produce local chickens and process the same into different forms and specifications for individuals and organizations.

On average, 97 chickens are killed every 0.05 seconds worldwide and it is a well-known fact that chicken has graced the plates of so many Nigerians from time immemorial and is still representing. It has been a gracious guest at events and its versatility gives so many options i.e. it can be boiled, fried, and grilled.

The hens also produce eggs and it takes about 26 hours for a hen to produce an egg, and 21 days for the egg to incubate and hatch. The by-products can be used as a major source for fertilizers to grow crops.

Why Free-Range Chicken?

  • Free-range poultry is a sustainable chicken farming system that enables chickens to explore their genetic potentials and thrives best in their natural environment, having access to better diet and growth, alongside and an extended period of laying eggs.
  • Chicken in the free-range are healthier and grow better compared to chickens in other systems.
  • Free-range chicken products (eggs & Meat) are more nutritious and tastier than chicken under other systems

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