Do you know that Worldwide, sweet potato is the sixth most important food crop after rice, wheat, potatoes, maize and cassava? But in developing countries, it is the fifth most important food crop. More than 105 million metric tons are produced globally each year; 95% of which are grown in developing countries.

Many parts of the sweet potato plant are edible, including the root, leaves, and shoots.

Sweetpotato vines also provide the basis for a high-protein animal feed.

Sweetpotato use has diversified considerably over the last four decades. With high starch content, it is well suited to processing and has become an important source of raw material for starch and starch-derived industrial products.

Added value for farmers comes from a variety of products and ingredients made from sweet potato root including flour, puree, dried chips, juice, bread, noodles, candy, pap (akamu), and pectin.

New products include liquors and a growing interest in the use of the anthocyanin pigments in the purple varieties for food colourings and use in the cosmetics industry.

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