Agricultural Training

On our FarmOrganics Agriculture training program, you will learn how precision agriculture and modern-day farming practices impact farming operations and agribusiness around the world. We train individuals & organisations who are interested in different areas of farming such as:

  1. Grasscutter farming business: These little creatures are not just amazing but can bring you some profit as well. While this is a very lucrative business for any would-be investor, it requires a lot of technical expertise to make a profitable business out of it. Here, we train you on general grasscutter management and feed formulation.
  2. Rabbit farming as a business: Rabbit meat is a good substitute for poultry because of its exceptionally low cholesterol. In a few years, Rabbit as a source of meat will compete favourably with poultry in terms of demand. This is why it is an area for strategic investment. We train on general management and feed formulation.
  3. Vegetable production business: As long as the world exists, the demand for vegetable will continue to be on the increase. We train potential farmers and investors on the basic agronomic practices of each vegetable, mode of packaging and marketing strategy. Our students are exposed to the technicalities of both organic and inorganic gardening.
  4. Snail breeding and fattening business: There is a rising demand for snail meat both locally and internationally. We expose trainees to the art of snail production including feed formulation.
  5. Poultry business [layers, broilers, and local chicken]: We train on step-by-step production technique of any poultry of your choice. We live in a world where people are exceptionally conscious of what they eat and this has given birth to an increase in the demand for local chicken which is not readily available. Knowing the technicalities involved in local chicken production is key to the success of the business.

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